Nobody loves Donald Trump

You are such a loser, @realDonaldTrump. Look at the pictures of your inauguration ceremony, nobody wanted to come around and cheer for you. Although your pressefritzen lied for you, you know yourself it was a lie and that hurts you.

Kehllappen-elect seine Inauguration. Ausser ein paar toten Zweigen guck niemand zu.

Everybody in the world knows that the heap of money you own would have piled up to mountains if you hadn’t touched it with your tiny fingers at all. But you touched it and you f**** it like everything you touch.

You have no idea that nothing but the wealth you were born into is the only thing that brought you where you are today (Feb 13th, 2017). All the businesses you failed with! All the women that left you! Not even this short period of power is you, it’s that fascist Steve Bannon, who is stirring all your pies with his long fascist fingers. Those who voted for you feel embarrassed for what they have done, only two weeks after you have taken power. How you hurt them! How you hurt your country! How you hurt what once has made America great! How you turn la tête of the free world into its biggest threat! It’s a shame, all that just because you are nothing but a loser.

I won’t pity you until you have resigned – but after that, I will, because there will be nobody pitying you except people like me. Then I will feel sorry for you, but not today. I will feel sorry for you, and still nobody will love you, not even me. You messed up your life already, you’re messing up the lifes of hundreds and thousands around you right now and I’m quite confident there will be millions of messed up lifes in the end, you loser! Versager is the german word.

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Von Maxim Loick

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