Some thoughts on „Travelling without Moving“

Now that @Trawom welcomes its 10th tenant, I may share some thoughts about it.

My personal feeling is that watching @Trawom travel is way more exciting than actually hosting it. Being eager to get it, and being excited once you have it, I know from my own experience that you don’t really know what to do with it. Creating tweets with 140 characters only is quite a challenge, especially if you do it in a different language. I felt quite limited in my ability to express myself while using it. And vice versa, followers of the account from other countries may not get each and every little subtlety of one’s tweets. So I also tried to write in my mothertongue, but this keeps away non-german followers.

When @wasalski was taking over the account and tweeted from Jersey, it was really nice to follow @Trawom, because @wasalski posted many pictures from where he was. Pictures have one big advantage that they’re independent from any spoken language. It was quite an experience to realize that the combination of the location with posted images made it interesting.

Finally, one bigger obstacle seems to be to pass on the account. First question is: Who wants it? As it looks, only in rare cases followers of @Trawom are going mad about getting it. It is way more efficient to send a direct message to someone, asking if s/he would like to host it for a while. But how to find someone? On the one hand you want to pass it on to a cool location. On the other hand, it is easier to explain the whole story to someone you know quite well. But people you know well living in posh areas are rare.
I think it’s better to pass it on to a person you feel comfortable with than desparatly seeking an extraordinary location. If you don’t know who to ask, ask your best friend on twitter. There’s no pressure on going around the world in only three steps.

To summarize it, my recommendation is: You catch up @Trawom, shout out who and where you are, post some pictures of what’s around you and then pass it on again. I think the more tenants are using it and the more frequently it is being handed over, the more the potential of the idea is being unleashed.

But nevertheless: These are only recommendations in case you feel uncomfortable with the account. Still the rule applies: You have it, you decide what you do with it.

Bon voyage!

Von Maxim Loick

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