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2011-07-18: Today @Trawom going not only international, not only intercontinental, it’s going right to the other end of the world! New host of @Trawom is @mr_ligi in New Zealand!


2011-07-13: The journey goes on, now we’re in Darmstadt. Thanks to @oschni for hosting @Trawom for a while!


2011-07-06: Quite common in Germany: Commuting between Hamburg and Berlin, and so is @Trawom now. Thanks for welcoming it back in Berlin, @openmedi!


2011-06-16: Today visiting Hamburg, looking forward to having a good time with @felham!


2011-06-14: Hey! There’s another article about the @Trawom on YuccaTree Post! Thanks to @ennomane!


2011-06-11: After an interesting trip over the Channel Islands @Trawom is now back on the continent: Thank you, @stedtenhopp1A for hosting it in Berlin over the pentecost holidays!


2011-05-12: And here’s the next hand over, hooray! The new tenant of @Trawom is @LloydDavis in London. Warm welcome and thanks to @cataspanglish!


2011-05-11: Thanks to @janquim there was much interest on @Trawom today, because of a report about it on the catalan Newsportal


2011-05-03: This morning @Trawom was handed over from @lizcastro to @cataspanglish, who is also domestic in Barcelona (as far as I can tell from the Twitter Account).


2011-04-28: Yeah, @Trawom for the first time crossed the border and is now located in Barcelona, Catalonia. New tenant is @lizcastro. Maybe it was Lionel Messi giving @gimsieke the impulse to pass it over there?


2011-04-25: Today, @ennomane handed over @Trawom to @gimsieke in Leipzig, Germany. Thanks to @ennomane, the account has now 97 premium followers. Damn, whish this selection of first-class twitterers would follow me… err… I mean, my followers are really great and they all deserve to be twitter-proms, but… (I better stop here, don’t I?)

Anyway, let’s see what’s up in Leipzig!


2011-04-21: This morning, @Trawom was taken over by @ennomane in Berlin, which puts some drive on the whole thing! @ennomane has a very wide range in the german twitterverse and will be using @Trawom over the easter days. Thank you so much for your support!

Also, there is an application for taking over the account by @Wasalski for end of may, when he’ll be visiting the Channel Islands. Nice spot on the map!

@CBra1 has already updated the map. Thanks for this!


2011-04-20: Now, about 8 hours after the first hand over, @Trawom welcomes the first 10 followers.

Thanks to @CBra1, who has set up a View on GoogleMaps to visualize the journey. Ok, for the time being it’s nothing more than a mid-class consultant’s business trip, but we’re in a very early stage of the experiment.


2011-04-20: Today I released the password for the @Trawom Account on Twitter.

The first one who catched it was @CBra1 in Bielefeld, Germany. *applause!*

Three questions came up:

„How do I hand it over best?“ – I just twittered the password of @Trawom and waited for someone to take it. Actually, this may leave people a bit baffled, so maybe it’s smoother to pass it on via a Direct Message to a dedicated person.

„Must I tweet in english when using @Trawom?“ – Of course not, I think it is even more exciting to see what kinds of languages it will be using. I just started it in english, because I thought it may reach a broader audience, but in fact most of my followers are german.

„How long should I use it?“ – Initially I thought it would be nice to use it several days before giving it away, but my feeling is that the most exciting thing is to hand it over – and the more hand overs are made, the more interesting the whole thing will become.
So my recommendation would be to just write a couple of Tweets, mentioning who you are and where you are and then pass it on again.
Anyway, this is just my idea of it, feel free to use it as long as you want.


2011-04-18: I have just created a Twitter Account named @Trawom, which is a silly acronym for „Travelling without Moving“ (which again I pinched from Jamiroquai’s album title).

The idea is to use this twitter account @Trawom myself for a while and then hand it over to someone else, asking her/him to do the same. The interesting thing will be to follow @Trawom with my genuine account @Pausanias and see where it goes.

I have no idea if it will ever get accross the city limits of Bonn, but it’s worth a try.

Connected to the twitter account I also created a corresponding googlemail account, which I also plan to hand over to the next „owner“ of @Trawom.

Of course I will track the latest changes and hand overs of the account here in my blog.

Von Maxim Loick

Folgt mir auf Twitter: @Pausanias oder bei Google+: Maxim Loick

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  1. Great idea. Generally missing an RSS feed link so one can follow your whole new blog or particular categories. Das hat WordPress doch drauf.

  2. So I changed the password now and will start handing it in a few days per direct message to the next one who shouts „I want it“.

  3. It’s your pity you actually don’t have got a donate link! I’d most likely donate to this remarkable site! I actually presume for the moment i’ll are satisfied with book-marking plus incorporating a person’s Rss feed so that you can this Bing akun. I actually glance forwards so that you can fresh posts but will publish the following blog site by using this Twitter group: )

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